Examine the pair of texts you have been asked to discuss in your essay

Students are often assigned with such type of written assignment as compare and contrast essay. Some students find it hard to write this kind of essay just because they don’t know what elements it should include and what essential steps need to be taken to ensure smooth completion of this assignment. Here are a few steps to consider when writing compare and contrast essay.

It is impossible to write a compelling compare and contrast essay if you don’t read the texts first. Besides, in order to write a really good essay, you will need to read the texts thoroughly and with much attention. It might be helpful to take notes in the process of reading the texts. You could probably mark some aspects that you consider valuable. Such prewriting work will help you to generate a really worthy compare and contrast essay.

Create a list of major differences and similarities between the given texts

After you have read all you need, create a list of things that make the two texts different or similar to one another. In this regard, your notes will probably come handy; so don’t neglect the previous step. At this stage of the writing process, you need to simply jot down your thoughts regardless of how insignificant they might seem.

Scoop out the most significant points and generate your key argument

Pick the most important issues that are of some value in both pieces of writing. You may consider such elements as the main characters or the key themes discussed in the texts. These elements will further become the basis for your future paper. Again, you will need to consider differences and similarities between the two texts in terms of how they examine this or that theme.

Compose an outline and write the main parts of your essay

When writing an outline, you will need to emphasize the major issues you want to cover in your essay. After you are done with this task, proceed with writing an introduction, body part and conclusion. The body part should consist of four paragraphs, two for each text. Every text should be compared and contrasted against the other piece of writing. After that, add some details that you consider important to ensure smooth flow of narration.

Proofread and edit what you have written

Finally, check your essay for any mistakes both in the content and style of writing. Editing and proofreading is the key to your success in writing a good compare and contrast essay.